Sardinal Costa Rica

Flowing out from the traditional town square, where children scurry about while old men read newspapers and share tales of times past, is the customary seat of this area's surroundings, Sardinal. Planned blocks of one-story houses and merchant shops offer all the real necessities of true Costa Rican life here: community, laughter and a sense of purpose. As one of the oldest established towns in the area, the pace here keeps up with one of reflection and nostalgia. In proximity, it is barely a stone's throw from the excitement and activities of the beach lifestyle, but in practice, it is an enclave of the traditional values held dear in Costa Rican culture. 
In the central district of Sardinal’s quaint homes, passed through generations, replace the common condos found outside while a sensation of belonging and acceptance rests on the shoulders of everyone walking the streets. Here, there is no sense of pretense only presence.
Those who would be willing to truly delve into the ‘Pura Vida’ state of mind, could and would certainly find it here in Sardinal. While it may be hard to find a vacant home beside the park, there are many places only a short walk to the center. Lots and home can be considered affordable just outside town, between untouched forests and an unlikely golf course. Transportation here is also surprisingly convenient since all public buses to the entire region feed through this sleepy town allowing everyone to be anywhere within minutes from their front doors.