Playa Matapalo Costa Rica

Lush and beautiful Playa Matapalo Costa RicaThe enigma of the Playa Matapalo is a duality of agrarian appreciation and coastal decadence. A short drive back in time to this idyllic beach will bring you through carefree communities enjoying a pure way of life. On long standing trails, cattlemen wave passers-by as they take note of the Brahma cows they are moving from jungle to pasture, while in the abundance of virgin forest, monkeys languish on limbs in the midday heat as blue herons fish in the rivers below.

This largely unsettled slice of this region offers an abundance of opportunity to create a personal utopia in what will inevitably be the crossroad of the entire Nicoya beach region. Only a 15-minute drive on a well-established road to Playas del Coco, the area is joined by the improving, yet still treacherous, Monkey Trail that connects it to the beach communities surrounding Tamarindo. Palatial plots and homes here can still be had for a fraction of those in well-established beach towns. Most of these plots sit upon the tufts of hills overlooking the ocean and a ramble of greenery in all directions, where just below Playa Matapalo sits.

Playa Matapalo is an expansive sun-drenched beach with an abundance of ‘once in the lifetime’ opportunities to be had. A state-of-the-art adventure park and zoological center recently opened on its northern tip, which offers soaring views over the land towards the ocean via zipline and unprecedented interactions with the most elusive fauna of Costa Rica. Sitting next door are two sister resorts that adorn luxury and amenities comparable to a Riviera escape. Just south of these cabanas and cocktails is a kilometer of unspoiled sun and sand. Ripe to take off as the new rustically glamorous destination, investors should now take Playa Matapalo into serious consideration.