Playas del Coco

Sunset over Playas del Coco Costa RicaThere is no question that paradise awaits when entering Playas del Coco. From the point that you enter by road, a panoramic view of rolling green forest gives way to the awe of the expansive Pacific. The epicenter of the region, “ El Coco” is the place that can point you in the direction of your particular bliss. Burgeoning with all the amenities that one could possibly need, Coco still maintains the placid feel of the fishing village it was a mere a decade or so ago. Between a plethora of restaurants offering a variety of culinary fare and supermarkets that could suit the most discrete tastes, sits the local gems of tradesman and traditional ‘soda’ eateries. Before Playas del Coco entered the world stage as a beach town oasis, it’s beauty and tranquility sirened in the wealth of Costa Rica and Central America. Traversing the jungle terrain, and trading the luxury of their villas for tents on the beach and the decadence of Coco’s natural surrounding, this point between land and beyond holds a hallmark understanding of ‘Pura Vida’ for many.

Hard Rock Cafe - Playas del Coco Costa Rica

As the seat of activity in the region, Coco has no lack of options throughout the day. If and when someone would like to rise to yoga followed by brunch, you would only have to travel a minute or two from the house. An afternoon on a sailboat accompanied by fresh seafood and genuine smiles would take no more than a willingness to get sand on your toes. While the sun drifts out to sea, an evening of celebrating the ‘right’ life can be found in any way the compass points.


Entrance to Automercado grocery store in Playas del CocoHowever, when the occasional abundant cheer becomes exhausting, the simple way of life in Coco is as easily found. The three kilometers of bay-protected sand line the beach, accessible to everyone and rarely, further than a few minutes’ walk. Transport here is usually by foot or by bike, but for those finding that a night of dancing or a bit too long in the pool has wrinkled the toe, the other options are a leisurely golf cart ride or $3 taxi that can get you to anyplace within town. Stopping by for a cup of regional coffee or exotic fresh fruit juice before sitting in the shade of the palms on the beach with a good book is as easy as wishing it.

No matter a person's wants or needs -- excitement, tranquility, community or solace -- all signs point to Playas del Coco.