Playa Panama

Playa Panama Costa Rica Nestled in the embrace of the Bahia Culebra, Playa Panama’s secure serenity cannot be mistaken for anything but a cradle of the Pacific. A seemingly infinite shallow bar of sand cups the slow ripples of waves that can be best compared to a warm salt bath washing away everything that is not the present. The small local community enjoys their weekends under the palms of the crescent-shaped beach, sharing smiles with old and new friends. Unaware of where you were or where you are going Playa Panama tends to hold you to the moments of now, signifying time only by the shadows of the coconut trees and the quiet motion of the tide.

Although development in Playa Panama is new and scantily clad among the gorgeous backdrop, a handful of intrepid visionaries have begun to symbiotically meld this mangrove of Eden with opulent comforts. Five-star boutique hotels and ecological tony communities fuse into the mango and Guanacaste trees that caress the shores of the bay. Many of the developments here still offer sensibly priced lots for those willing to be enveloped by this ethereal land. The possibilities here range from creating an income generating retreat to be permanently swathed in Gaia’s nursery.