Playa Hermosa / Hermosa Beach

Aerial view of Playa Hermosa Costa RicaJust a few minutes drive north of Playas del Coco is Playa Hermosa.  Nestled in nature’s amphitheater, Playa Hermosa is the stage to an act of romance and adventure. The tranquil wax and wane of the tides on its crescent beach unveil perpetual scenes of its beauty, while the orchestra of exotic birds and howler monkeys lend the tempo to your imagination.

Seated along its shores, the community of Playa Hermosa not only serves as an observation point to one of the region’s masterpieces but as a sublime pairing to it. Charming casitas sitting on zoysia-tufted lots neighboring luxurious Mediterranean villas that symbiotically speckle the hills of this tropical hamlet. Sanctuaries and homes alike offer vast options for both lifestyle and budget, ranging from idyllic houses as low as $200,000 to estates that offer unparalleled opulence, all of which embody with the ideology of ‘Pura Vida’.

As you drive into the region, a feeling of stepping back into uncomplicated times will wash over you. The pace and demeanor of the people here are simply to enjoy each moment, disconnected from the outside world’s momentum of stress. Free from the trappings of society, Playa Hermosa still offers all the amenities of the modern world; high-speed internet, cafes, world-class culinary fare, as well as, a single screen movie theater. Nowhere else in the region can you find this balanced drama of such comforts and natural bliss.