How to choose the right building lot in Costa Rica

Graphic - choosing the right building lot in Costa Rica

The Basics of Choosing a Building Lot

You fell in love with Costa Rica and after looking at all the built homes in the area you decided that you want to buy a lot and build. If you haven’t built a house from scratch before than this guide will be quite useful. Even If you have built a home in the past this will help you avoid pitfalls particular to Costa Rica and keep you on the right track.

The Real Estate Update for Papagayo Region

Well, it is time again for another boring Papagayo Area Real Estate Market Update. In case you had your head in the sand the last 2 years you would know that the real estate market in Costa Rica has been completely affected by the global pandemic.  At the beginning of the pandemic, we were busy feeding our less than fortunate friends and neighbors and then dealing with closed borders and hesitancy to travel even though the borders have been completely open for over a year and a half.  If you would rather read about the lighter side of life in Paradise then just stop reading here.  Those of you interested in real estate; please read on.

How to write a Real Estate offer and the steps to closing

Purchasing a property in Costa Rica is about as easy as it can get.  Under Costa Rican law a foreigner has the same rights as a citizen, and can own property outright, fully titled, fee simple, just like in the USA or Canada.  The majority of the property in Costa Rica is titled.  The only exception to this is some of the beach front property which is called concession and is similar to a lease.  You can own a property using the same vehicles as in North America. 
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